Easy Clean Chemicals is a proudly Australian owned company established in 1981.

Market Expertise

Comprehensive Range

Throughout our period of 32 years, we have strived to bring excellence in quality to the market place. In this period, we continued to bring our clientele a broad range of cleaning and hygiene solutions. Solutions that you can be confident in and solutions that will bring you the highest possible efficiency.

Our range and programs suit many needs and applications and we realise that it is of vital importance, not to just market one or two products for particular areas but, to specialise in these fields. When one specialises in a field, they ensure every application and requirement is met to the highest standards.

At Easy Clean Chemicals, we understand the unique demands that each sector requires and have developed an indepth expertise of solutions and programs, an individuality no matter the industry.

Our expertise and continuous growth in knowledge heralds from our daily partnerships with many of Australia's largest Food and Beverage producing companies. We have working relationships with some of the largest Health Care Networks, and have assisted the manufacturing industry with specialised solutions. In addition, our vehicle care range and programs have been extensively tested and proven. Our floorcare range has stood the test of time and traffic throughout shopping centres and a high percentage of public and private schools. Our Agricare range continues to play an important role within the rural sector.

Our guarantee is to use our expertise to protect you our customer, to continuously strive to enhance your reputation, your hygiene, efficiency and safety.