Easy Clean Chemicals is a proudly Australian owned company established in 1981.


  • Specialised CIP and Vat solutions
  • Dairy Care solutions
  • Spraywax and polish bond solutions for vehicle care
  • Boiler treatment & care
  • Specialised phenolic and chlorine based disinfectants
  • Nouveau Opulence: vehicle care with elegance
  • Wash solutions for vehicle care
  • Agricare

Easy Clean Chemicals is a proudly Australian owned company established in 1981.

Throughout this period, Easy Clean Chemicals has enjoyed direct involvement with many of Australia's leading companies who incorporate our specialty and janitorial solutions in their manufacturing and hygiene programs.

Our extensive range of specialty and janitorial solutions currently service many facets of Australian Industry and lifestyles, they include:

  1. Lubricants for the Beverage can industry.
  2. Releasing agents for the vehicle industry.
  3. Lubricants for conveyor belts used in the food industry.
  4. Specialised Phenolic and Chlorine based disinfectants used in the food industry. (Industries including Australia's largest Mushroom growers, cheese and dairy, meat and poultry processing).
  5. Specialised CIP and Vat solutions for the Dairy, Milk, Cheese and Yoghurt Industries.
  6. Releasing agents for ceramic / porcelain manufacturing.
  7. Wash Solutions for Vehicle Care.
  8. Hygiene for Health and Aged Care.
  9. Programs and premium quality solutions for the Hospitality industry.

In addition, we also have the facilities to develop solutions and programs to suit any specific requirements of our customers.

With many of our clients being in the food industry, health care and hospitality, they expect and rely on us to provide the utmost quality and stability. We not only provide for their needs but we guarantee that the quality of our products is never compromised. We back that up with a 30 day guarantee on our products.

We also offer and guarantee a service second to none; a service you can rely and depend upon and we guarantee to consistently make every attempt to satisfy the most important person, you our customer.

At Easy Clean Chemicals, we pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the service to our customers.